Friday, March 1, 2013

Preparing for 2013 Shows

It's been awhile since I last posted, need to get back in the saddle. Here is what I've been up to - took another awesome class at AAE Glass in Cape Coral, FL with Tanya Veit. I cannot wait to see how my new pieces go over with my customers, I just love them. Here are a couple samples:

I had my left knee replaced in January, rehab is slow but going well. I've done some experimenting, nothing earth shattering yet. All of my apps have been mailed for the spring/summer/fall shows, 22 in all. And today I left messages for the buyers at the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Botanical Gardens, fingers crossed.

The new website is absolutely awesome, my mom did such a great job, it's more professional looking and I just love it.  I also updated my FaceBook page for Deby's Designs, LLC and have almost 150 likes!!

Please stay tuned for more pictures and updates.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm Back....

I cannot believe I haven't posted a blog in 5 months, well that's going to change right now! A lot has happened in the last few months, knee replaced, job lost, great shows over the summer and now a new venture.

About that new venture, since I lost my job and the thought of looking for a job at the age of 51 was not at all appealing, I have decided to try my hand at the glass full time. A couple weeks ago I approached my dear friend Eva Sherman of Grand River Beads and Gifts ( to see it I could rent some space. Before I left that day we had started to rearrange the shop to make room for me and my goods. 

Here is the space right now:
This past weekend I went to Delphi Glass in Michigan and purchased everything I need to have my own little shop within the shop. I am stocking basic tools, gorgeous dichroic glass packs, nice variety opalescent and clear glass all COE 90. If I don't have we can order it and I can save you some bucks (inc kilns, grinders etc.). I am proud to say I am Cuyahoga Counties only Authorized Delphi Dealer.

I have a new appreciation for small business's getting inventory packaged and shelves stocked, tomorrow is day three and I hope to be done. The materials will be on the slat wall that you see in the picture above.

The first official day will be November 1st (party to come in Dec). All if my finished pieces are exclusively for sale here (see 2 display cases above), my website ( and Etsy. Another cool thing is will be teaching classes @ once a week, for the schedule check either website above.

I sure hope this flies, I love glass and want to share!!

Check back, more news coming.


Monday, May 7, 2012

DD 2012 Spring/Summer Show Schedule

I am getting very excited for the upcoming show season. My first show is the Hessler Street Fair near downtown Cleveland, OH on May 19 & 20, noon to dusk. This will be my fifth year at this show and I absolutely love doing it. 

After Hessler comes the Berea MayFest on May 26th from 10 to 5 at Coe Lake in Berea, OH. 

Then another favorite of mine, the Clifton Arts & Music Festival on June 16th from 10 to 6. The fest is located on Clifton Blvd. in Lakewood, OH between W 117th and W 112th.

Wildwood Fine Arts Festival in Mentor, OH June 24th from 10:30 to 5 at the Wildwood Cultural Center. This is a first time for me at this show, I look forward to a great day.

Another first for me is the Waterloo Arts Fest on June 30th from 11 to 7 in Cleveland's east side neighborhood of Collinwood.

Only one show in July, Willoughby Artsfest on the 21st from 10 to 5 in downtown Willoughby, OH.

Please follow my blog, FaceBook or my website for my show schedule.

Catch ya later,

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ever Evolving, Just Love the New Pieces

I have been very busy working on all of the new techniques I learned with Tanya Veit of AAE Glass ( this past January. I did take a couple weeks off to have me knee replaced, rehab went well needed to get back to the "cave" asap. 

Of the 5 new techniques I at first loved the "Picasso" style pieces, they look a bit like stained glass. Small pieces of dichroic glass fused, etched, shaped, fire polished and mounted on a decorative bail.

However, I have really grown to enjoy making the layered scenery pieces. These are very time consuming but well worth the effort. The process is four layers which requires; 5 firings, cut, shaped, fire polished and the addition of a decal, the finished product is amazing.

Next blog I will discuss the other techniques. I am finding it difficult to go back to the way I fired pieces before. I am really excited to see how well they sell at the shows.

Stay Tuned,

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Preparing for Shows

Since I have decided or rather told to have knee replacement surgery the push for me to get new pieces made is even stronger. This weekend I started 15 pieces with 2 different processes; 6 Picasso style, 5 scenery pieces and 4 etched dichro. These should be done later this week. The Picasso and the etched pieces will be done tomorrow, the scene pieces have at least one more trip to the kiln.

My surgery is scheduled for March 20th and my first show is Hessler Street Fair exactly 2 month later. I'm hoping to be able to negotiate the stairs 2 weeks after surgery so I can get back to the cave. I won't be able to go back to work for at least 4 weeks. We moved my office downstairs so hopefully I'll get the thumbs up to go back by late April.

So that's what I'm up to now, preparing for Hessler and my knee surgery.

Stay tuned for new pictures as mom gets them done!

Stay Happy,

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Deby's Designs Fused Glass Art - 2012 is My Year

I have started the year on a new quest for better and more artistic pieces. I took a class in January with Tanya Viet of AAE Glass ( ) in Cape Coral Florida which has proven to be the jump start I needed. I have purchased a tile saw and upgraded my kiln to a programmable style and I love it. Everything I have done in the past was just practice for what I am starting to develop now. I look at glass differently and have discovered that there are endless possibilities to what I can create, my imagination and designs are limitless.

So now with my new enthusiasm for my art I will be blogging and bragging more so indulge me it will be a fun and fascinating journey.  

Here is a couple of pics of what I am doing:
Picasso Etched Dichroic Pendant
Scenery in Glass
Etched Dichroic Tree Pendant
Fusible Paint Heart Pendant

 New items posted weekly, please enjoy - I do!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shows are fun and sometimes even profitable

If I make a bad choice doing a show that I am clearly not going to make much money I try to make the most of out.When you are given lemons, make lemonade - when a craft show gives you lemons, I make friends and contacts. I was told by a wise friend that if you are asked how you are doing at a show... always say fantastic no matter how good or bad sales are. Keep 'em guessing and keep it positive.

I had the best time with a lot of grand old dames (they called themselves that) this past weekend and actually made a bit of money. I honestly think it was because was positive and made everyone around me smile and laugh. I will be back next year just to see my grand old friends!

Next Saturday is Basket of Treasures at the Westlake High School and I am looking forward to putting a few more bucks in my pocket and hopefully make some new friends. My niece Olivia will be with me for the first time, I am hoping she takes to it and can help me from time to time.

Just bought the molds I need for coasters and candle holders and hope to start experimenting with them next weekend. Loving the new kiln, it does a super job!

Seriously considering going to the Glass Expo in Vegas next year, classes are really expensive but I think I would take away a lot of great information. We have friends there to my husband will have things to do while I learn new things, AND we can write it off... bonus.

All the best,